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Life of Artyom
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This is adventures of Artyom the cat. He is a grey cat. That is pretty much all I know about him. He likes to eat pickles, kotlet and carrot. True slav cat. Before he was named Artyom I called him Komrade Kat.
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  • Лвлатыыдчдьмьмьызузжужадпгпоцоуоаоя

    Juan WijayaJuan Wijaya4 órája
  • Hello Artyom

    Father PFather P10 órája
  • Kartyom

    Pleb PlaysPleb Plays12 órája
  • I also have Kat and now it squat :D

    andrija sandrija s17 órája
  • nobady: russian cats 1 day after being adopted by russian: after 1 day:learn to squat after 1 week : like to hear hardbass after 1 month: steals computer stick to watch boris after 1 yeat: speaking russian with owner and talks about stalker 2

    andrija sandrija s18 órája
  • metro needs to add character customization and one of the hats needs to be Artyom's ushanka or a ushanka that looks like him

    13th Century Vice13th Century Vice19 órája
  • You should have named him серый кот

    jackfiImsjackfiIms23 órája
  • Hello Slav cat

    Ib Racer4Ib Racer423 órája
  • Hello kat

    The EncoreThe EncoreNapja
  • I love to squat like slav

    Steve HighlightsSteve HighlightsNapja
  • Boris should get a dog and name the dog Adidog

    Colin ChungColin ChungNapja
  • He is literally a combination of my two cats.

    Dino StudiosDino Studios3 napja
  • after this i built mega box mansion for my strong komrad kat

    Christopher NickolChristopher Nickol3 napja
  • yes, slav cat

    Álvaro Chamero GarcíaÁlvaro Chamero García4 napja
  • M A Y O N N A I S E

    KapKap4 napja
  • now artyom big kat

    ninnin4 napja
  • I have one named natasha named after the tf2 heavys weapon from russa

    reading panereading pane5 napja
  • Because he drive car

  • Cute cat now i remember my cat leonardo who died in a car crash

  • 0IQ People: i feel bad for Artyom Slavages: cyka

    TrxshTrxsh6 napja
  • spotted an old EA game i havent played for a very long time. bring back memory

    Anders IzralzzonAnders Izralzzon6 napja
  • Hi Boris I have a komrade cat that is 7 years old also likes hard bass I hope your safe :D

    Willard XanderWillard Xander7 napja
  • metro exodus 2033 i think thats the name from, sorru for my bad englis

    federezrfederezr9 napja
  • O_o

    Bill P.Bill P.9 napja
  • Artyom is the most adorable commie I’ve ever seen.

    Nathan WuchevichNathan Wuchevich9 napja
  • Hello

    Yeet YeetYeet Yeet9 napja
  • True Slav kat.

    Amitabh NewtonAmitabh Newton10 napja
  • onion could be dangerous to cats

    EsteHaamiEsteHaami10 napja
  • Hello artyom

    Manics At LawManics At Law10 napja
  • A slav gets a slav cat.

    TurretTurret10 napja
  • I can't wait ti'll comrade kat gets his promotion to seargent Artyom and gets a mosin nagant and shoots those capitalist

    Jerico SalamanteJerico Salamante11 napja
    • Only for him to become DEFEKTOR KAT

      Repubbles McGlonkyRepubbles McGlonky10 napja
  • I'm from 2020

    BaBy GamingBaBy Gaming12 napja
  • Mayonnaise

    Mr doggy Pom PomMr doggy Pom Pom12 napja
  • Artyom protects motherland

    Omega MuffinOmega Muffin12 napja
  • That is the cutest comrade I've ever seen

    Queenkitty 110Queenkitty 11012 napja
  • Boris onion is bad for cat

    The DimonblockThe Dimonblock12 napja
  • Mr sleepy head

    Ma'ruf HusainiMa'ruf Husaini13 napja
  • hello!

    ville åkerlindville åkerlind13 napja
  • i love this video

    collinky250collinky25014 napja

    LonkLonk14 napja